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Sustainability Report 2021

Our professional health perspective and the efforts we make for people goes hand in hand with our ambition of integrating sustainability throughout our business. Read more in our sustainability report for 2020.

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A sustainable future

Our commitments for sustainable development includes working in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and reaching for carbon neutrality.

Our commitments

Through our commitments for the future, we want to show that it is possible to point out a way forward with respect for people and the environment.

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Sustainable Development Goals

At TePe, we choose to focus on a number of goals that are particularly relevant to our business, where we can address the challenges and contribute the most to sustainable development.

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Reducing our carbon footprint

Acknowledging the urgent need to take climate action, TePe has taken on the challenge to reach for carbon neutrality in products and packaging in 2022.

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Materials and innovation

All TePe’s products and solutions are developed based on clinical knowledge and market needs. Our responsibility for people, health and the environment is considered throughout the innovation process.

Sustainable innovation

We challenge ourselves to find new sustainable solutions as the world around us and the demands from the customers are changing.

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We are committed to finding and implementing eco-friendly alternatives to fossil-based raw materials in products and packaging. 

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We put a special focus on sustainable packaging, which is key in resource management and reducing our carbon footprint.

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People & Practice

We promote responsible business practices at TePe and across our supply chain and want to support consumers in making conscious choices.

People & Practice

Community engagement and collaborations

We take part in scientific collaborations for innovation and reducing fossil-based plastic and plastic pollution, for example, STEPS research programme and UNOPS.

Community engagement and collaborations

Sustainability at TePe