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New Common European Curriculum emphasises role of dental hygienists

‘It is very satisfying to see the Common European Curriculum being realised. This standard framework for dental hygienist education will strengthen the profession and make visible hygienists’ important role in preventing oral disease and promote oral health. We are glad to be able to offer financial support to this project and grateful for our productive partnership with EDHF. It goes hand in hand with our work to raise awareness of preventive dental care and oral health’, says Anna Nilvéus Olofsson, Manager Odontology & Scientific Affairs at TePe.

‘We are delighted to present a curriculum that will aid professional development and continued professional education of dental hygienists across Europe, and we want to thank TePe for their support within the project’, says Yvonne Nyblom, President, EDHF.

About the CEC
The CEC has the aim of aligning the definition, practice, regulation and training of dental hygienists in Europe by offering a platform from which to tailor the educational programmes in line with local regulations. Stating that interventions by dental hygienists can significantly prevent and reduce the burden of oral disease, the CEC emphasises the importance to focus on preventive care and oral health promotion.

About TePe Share
Within the framework of TePe Share, TePe works to raise awareness of oral health, general health and preventive dental care. TePe welcomes hygienists, dentists and health professionals to take part of shared knowledge based on clinical experience and scientific evidence.

About EDHF
The European Dental Hygienists Federation (EDHF) is a not-forprofit organisation that represents 24 national Dental Hygiene Associations across the European Union, European Economic Area and the World Health Organisation (WHO) European Region. Founded in 1999, the EDHF now represents associations with an estimated membership of 38 000 dental hygienists.

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