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Welcome to TePe newsroom

Here you can find all latest information from TePe. 

TePe Angle™ and TePe Extra Soft Interdental Brushes – now part of the sustainable range
Earlier this year, TePe launched TePe Interdental Brushes made from sustainable materials. By adding their Extra Soft Interdental Brushes and TePe Angle™ to the sustainable range, TePe now offers an entire interdental brush assortment with a reduced carbon footprint of approximately 80%.
Circular economy event by UNOPS S3i Innovation Centre in Sweden aims for real action
TePe is working to drive change towards a circular economy How can we transform businesses to respond to the changes necessary to build a sustainable future? How can we change consumer mindsets an...
TePe expands its support for the Pink Ribbon in favour of cancer awareness and research
Last year’s TePe initiatives for the Pink Ribbon campaign was a success. This October, the TePe Group hopes for even better results by extending its campaign collaboration with cancer awareness org...
TePe acquires oral health company Proxident AB and strengthens its position within oral health
Today, TePe Oral Hygiene Products has signed an agreement to acquire the Swedish-owned company Proxident AB. Proxident AB has over 30 years of experience within oral health offering a portfolio of ...
TePe Sustainability Report 2020 – making progress for a healthier future
TePe’s Sustainability Report 2020 reflects the company’s high ambitions and actions for health awareness, increased circularity, and a reduced carbon footprint.
TePe wins the Sustainability Award by the ADIA
TePe Australia has been awarded the Energy Australia sustainability Program Award in 2021 by the Australian Dental Industry Association.
TePe Special Brushes – now a sustainable choice
TePe takes the next step towards a more sustainable range by reducing the carbon footprint from their special brushes by about 80%. Helping consumers make informed choices without having to comprom...
Sustainable Interdental Brush from TePe Awarded Product of the Year in France 2021
TePe Interdental Brushes represent a new generation of health products – high-quality dental care produced with an 80% lower carbon footprint. For this, they received the prestigious Product of the...
TePe joins the UNOPS Global Innovation Centre Sweden in a collaborative partnership
TePe joins the UNOPS Global Innovation Centre Sweden (UNOPS GIC) in a collaborative partnership and becomes a member of the UNOPS GIC Sweden community.